Thoughts about responsibility

Way of working and personal development is important to everybody.

As a scrum master or project manager, is it not needed to have wast rules with your development or scrum team. In your effort to to increase productivity, do not tell them what or how to do. Instead respect them as independent sentient beings, who have the where with all to make conscious decisions for them selves, embrace and encourage that.

So I propose an agile mindset and not to bury yourself in the toll gate or strict scrum trenches.

So when you are in a context that has limitations like, code debt, other departments wow’s or legislation, I don’t tell them:

“You can’t do it like that!”

Instead I say:

“Have a great time and make the best possible choice for you”

But that doesn’t mean that they always make the best choices, but you are then empowering them and they continuously learn about what works and not.

I mean, waste is bad, but not learning is worse, and we probably have a long road ahead together, right?

So its all about getting your team to think consciously about their own choices; to become informed, educated and prepared. So that they are responsible stewardess of their product/system and company, and are responsible stewardess of their own roles and development.